National Minimum Wage

The minimum amount an employer is obliged to pay per hour.


The act of failing to take reasonable care and breaching the Duty Of Care.

Net wages

The amount of wages after deductions are made.

Next of kin

The nearest blood relative.


The person chosen by the individual or corporate debtor to report on the debtor’s proposals for an IVA or CVA.

Non-disclosure agreement

An agreement where parties share certain sensitive or confidential information with one another, but wish that information to remain undisclosed to other parties.

Non-molestation order

An order preventing the use or threat of violence, or intimidation or harassment.


Advance notification by one party to an employment contract to the other that the contract will expire and will not be renewed.

Notice to terminate

A formal notification that the contract is to be terminated after a period specified in the contract or the notice itself.

Notifiable Offence

Offence deemed serious enough to be recorded by the Police. Includes most indictable and triable either-way offences.


The substitution of one of the parties to a contract by another person, which releases the obligation of the former party and imposes it on the new one. Novation can also mean the substitution of an existing contract by a new one between the same parties.


An interference with the enjoyment of property rights.