Magistrates’ Court

A Court where criminal proceedings are commenced before Justices of the Peace, or District Judges, who examine the evidence/statements and either deal with the case themselves or commit to the Crown Court for trial or sentence.


Money paid by one party to the other for ongoing financial support.

Maintenance pending suit

Temporary maintenance pending the finalisation of a divorce.

Market rent

The best rent at which a property might reasonably be expected to be let with vacant possession in the open market, with a willing landlord and tenant, taking full account of all terms of the lease offered.

Marriage value

Latent value which the merger of two or more interests in land would release.


The order of payment as between creditors and beneficiaries.

Maternity leave

The period of time a woman is allowed to be absent from her job because of her pregnancy.

Matrimonial home

The property in which a married couple live together, regardless of whether or not they own or rent it.


Alternative process to Court (see ADR).

Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

A solvent liquidation where the shareholders appoint the liquidator to realise assets and settle all the company’s debts in full within 12 months.

Mesne landlord

An intermediate landlord.


A person under 18 years of age who must be represented by a Litigation Friend as they are unable to act on their own behalf.


This is a potentially fair reason for dismissal if it is conduct so serious that dismissal is justified.


Breach of duty in relation to the funds or property of a company by its directors or managers.


Making a false or misleading statement on which another party relies.


The explanation for the offence given on behalf of a guilty party in order to excuse or partly excuse the offence committed in an attempt to minimise the sentence.

Moral rights

The author of a copyright work retains certain rights over a work even after sale or transfer of the works copyright.


A loan for a fixed period of time to help purchase the house. The mortgage is secured on the property. This means that you cannot sell the property without paying it off at the same time.

Mortgage Deed

The mortgage deed is the document recording the Mortgage.


The person (or organisation, usually a bank or building society) lending the mortgage advance.


The borrower against whose property the money is borrowed.

Motor Insurers’ Bureau

The Bureau responsible for claims made against uninsured or untraced drivers.


The track that defended claims with a value in excess of £25,000 are allocated to in the Court system and which is then governed by certain specific procedural rules.