Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

Whether you are dealing with the affairs of someone who has died, or need advice planning your own affairs, our team have a wealth of skills and expertise to assist you in a friendly and compassionate manner.

When someone passes away

The administration of an estate can be a complex and time-consuming exercise, coming at a time when you may feel disinclined or unprepared to deal with what is involved. We have specialist probate solicitors in Lancaster and Preston who will be happy to deal with all or any part of the administration procedure and provide general help and advice in a way which is sympathetic to your needs. Click here for further information on the probate process and the fees we charge.

Tax Planning

Our team have the knowledge and experience to assist you with all your tax planning needs and can work closely with you and your accountant or financial advisor to arm you with all the knowledge you need. Amongst other things, we can look at drafting tax efficient wills, utilising exemptions and reliefs and post death variations of Wills to reduce your tax liability.


Nobody likes to think about dying but making a Will is an essential part of life. If you die without a valid will (intestate) your assets may not go where you want them to. This is even more important for un-married partners and those who have remarried. We can provide expert advice at a reasonable cost, providing you with a range of options and guiding you through the process, often bringing to your attention matters you may not have considered, such as Care Home Fee planning. Remember – making a Will won’t kill you!

Power of Attorney

Although everybody knows how essential it is to have a Will not everyone appreciates how important it can be to have a Power of Attorney in place. Anyone can be affected by an illness, disability or accident regardless of age. A Power of Attorney means you can choose who you would like to “stand in your shoes” if you should be unable to deal with your affairs yourself. This can ease the burden on your spouse/partner or wider family who would not otherwise be able to access your funds without a Power of Attorney. Even if you have a joint account, if you should become mentally incapable of dealing with your affairs, the bank is under an obligation to freeze that account, and your spouse/partner will not be able to access the money.


As one of the area’s longest established firms of Solicitors our team are privileged to act for many longstanding trusts dealing with each generation of the family involved. They therefore have an enviable reputation and broad experience of the issues of setting up, dealing with and finalising Trusts.

To speak to a specialist Solicitor in our Wills and probate department please click here or call 01524 386500.